Succession planning

Having a will and structuring your affairs for the future is of great importance. It is the most basic requirement for succession planning.

We are highly skilled and experienced in wills, testamentary trusts and other types of trusts and property. We will advise you on setting up your affairs so that your business, companies, real property, personal property and trusts can be vested in others in the most effective, efficient, cost and tax effective manner. Once we study your existing structures, we advise you on your short term and long term objectives.

We liaise and connect you with other experts so that you get the benefit of a suite of advice, and the complete package. We ensure the experts collaborate to achieve the outcome effectively and efficiently.

Your documents can be stored in safe custody here at our firm, free of charge.

Once your affairs are organised, we suggest you contact us to review them if:

*     Your assets and liabilities change;
*     Your testamentary wishes change;
*     Your will is revoked upon marriage;
*     You enter into a new relationship;
*     Your spouse passes away; or
*     It has been at least 5 years since you last reviewed them.

Your advantage is that we will have the existing documentation, so we can simply review them upon your instruction, and in collaboration with other professional advisers such as your accountant, financial adviser and banker, we can assist to restructure and amend your succession plan in an efficient, complete and cost effective manner.

You can also instruct us if you are an executor of a deceased estate and need a grant of probate, or need advice on letters of administration, or on family provisions from a deceased estate and contentious estate matters, including Court actions.

Contact us for advice on any aspect of this area.

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