Contract Law

Contracts are the foundation of any commercial relationship.

A well drafted contract can significantly reduce the likelihood of disputes and allows for more efficient resolutions. It cements the terms agreed between the parties and lets you know where you stand, your role, your rights and obligations in the transaction. It is a long term safety net for your commercial arrangement.

Contract Law is our core area of practice. We draft fresh contracts or advise you on, an existing contract for new business arrangements, or a contract to dissolve a business arrangement.

We also assist you to implement contracts that you use regularly in your organisation to ensure that:

* They are drafted properly.

* Their terms are simple, consistent and relevant.

* They comply with constant change in laws and regulations and technological developments.

* They cover your contractual rights while being aware of the rights of the other parties.

This also means strategically drafting contracts to suit the needs of your business and to protect you against future risk.

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