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Looking to migrate to Australia? Or, are you an employer looking to employ and/or sponsor a migrant ? Have you had issues with a migration agent, MRT appeal including complex cases?

Let us advise you on how to achieve the better outcome.

Australian immigration law is very complex and constantly changing. We assist with applications for all visas, whether it be a permanent or temporary stay, including:

  • Business visas
  • Employment visas
  • Skilled visas
  • Student visas
  • Bringing over a spouse/ children/ parents/ de facto
  • Family visas

For those who feel more comfortable conversing in their own language, our staff is fluent in Chinese, Russian, Immigration Lawyers AdelaideUkrainian, Tagalog, Bisaya, Greek and Arabic.

We advise at all levels of your application including:

  • Assessing which type of visa will suit you;
  • Determining the likelihood of the application being granted;
  • Assisting you in undergoing necessary tests;
  • Preparing the application on your behalf including any correspondences with DIAC;
  • Monitoring your application; and
  • Preparing any appeal on your behalf, should one be necessary.

Once you have entered Australia, you may be affected by some other legal issues you do not fully understand, or wish to purchase a house or a business. A failure to comply with any restrictions or conditions placed upon your visa can result in a fine, or in having your visa suspended or cancelled. We advise you on how to protect yourself against non-compliance including changes to your life or career which are likely to be deemed a failure to comply with certain conditions.

Your advantage is that we are not just migration lawyers but also commercial lawyers, with expertise in all aspects following your visa approval.

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If you are an employer and finding it difficult to hire the staff you need, you might consider sponsoring a worker from overseas. As it has become harder to source highly skilled local workers, the Australian Government has permitted companies to sponsor workers from overseas on both a short term and long term basis, to encourage industry growth.

Employing staff may not be straight forward when the employee has a visa other than a permanent visa. As an employer you may be subjected to certain restrictions or may have missed a compliance requirement without knowing. This will not only affect the employee, and his or her family, but may also result in a serious fine and/or criminal charges against your company. We advise you on avoiding or overcoming these issues.

Immigration may also become relevant whilst dealing with employment issues, business mergers and other commercial dealings. We combine our experience as commercial and migration lawyers to provide a complete service to you.

Our migration services are governed by the MARA Code of Conduct, which can be viewed here.

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