Corporations Law

When it comes to your business and investments, we combine our expertise to advise you on business structures, taxation law and estate planning.

You will be advised on how to commercialise a business idea, how to strategically effect a business transaction, and the documents and structures you will need to make this happen.

We also review your current systems to help you manage risk and ensure optimal taxation outcomes.

Contact our skilled and experienced legal team to advise on:

*     complex mergers and acquisitions;

*     due diligence requirements;

*     directors’ and officers’ responsibilities and liabilities;

*     shareholders agreements;

*     sale and purchase of shares;

*     trusts; and

*     insolvency.

Our services include incorporating your company or changing company details.

Your business operations and responsibilities are onerous and time consuming , so let us assist you with the legal work, no matter how simple or complex so that you can keep matters on track and improve your commercial operations.

If the relationship between you and a business or investment partner is no longer productive, our team can provide you with advice as to how you can get the relationship back on track or, if need be, how to part ways and move on.

Contact us for an initial appraisal.

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